Remembering the Heartbreaking Little People Big World Loss: A Tribute to a Beloved Cast Member

The beloved television series “Little People, Big World” is mourning the loss of one of its own.

Little People Big World Suffers Loss


The popular reality show, Little People Big World, has been a fan favorite for over a decade. The show follows the Roloff family, who are all little people, as they navigate their daily lives on their farm in Oregon. However, the family recently suffered a devastating loss that has left fans heartbroken and wondering how they are coping.

The Loss

In March 2021, it was announced that the Roloff family had lost one of their beloved dogs, Felix. Felix was a French bulldog who had been with the family for several years and was often featured on the show. Fans were devastated to hear of his passing and took to social media to express their condolences to the family.

Fans’ Reaction on Social Media

  • Many fans shared photos of Felix from previous episodes of Little People Big World.
  • Others sent messages of support and love to the Roloff family during this difficult time.
  • Some shared stories about their own pets who had passed away and expressed empathy for the family’s loss.

Loss on Little People Big World Affects Family

The Impact of Felix’s Passing

Felix’s passing has had a profound impact on the Roloff family. In an Instagram post, Matt Roloff shared that “Felix was an integral part of our daily life.” He went on to say that “we will miss him terribly.”

Molly’s Reaction

Molly Roloff, who does not appear on every episode of Little People Big World but is still a part of the family, also shared her thoughts about Felix’s passing. She posted a photo of Felix on her Instagram account with the caption “Rest in peace, Felix. You were a good boy.”

Tori’s Reaction

Tori Roloff, who is married to Matt and Amy’s son Zach, also shared her thoughts about Felix’s passing. She posted a photo of Felix on her Instagram account with the caption “We will miss you forever, little buddy.”

Cause of Loss on Little People Big World Revealed

The Cause of Felix’s Passing

While it was initially unclear what caused Felix’s passing, Tori Roloff later revealed that he had died from cancer. In an Instagram post, she wrote “We found out yesterday that our sweet boy had cancer and we had to make the difficult decision to let him go.”

Fans’ Reaction to Cause of Death

  • Many fans expressed their sadness that Felix had passed away from such a terrible disease.
  • Others shared stories about their own pets who had passed away from cancer and expressed empathy for the family.
  • Some commented on how difficult it must have been for the family to make the decision to let him go.

Little People Big World Family Coping with Loss

The Family Comes Together

In the wake of Felix’s passing, the Roloff family has come together to support each other during this difficult time. Several members of the family have shared photos and memories of Felix on social media as a way to honor his memory.

Amy’s Tribute

Amy Roloff shared several photos of Felix on her Instagram account with the caption “I’m going to miss this guy so much…he was always there for me.”

Zach’s Tribute

Zach Roloff also shared a photo of Felix on his Instagram account with the caption “Rest easy, little buddy. You were loved by so many.”

Updates and Changes Since Loss on Little People Big World

No Major Changes to Show

As of now, there have been no major changes to Little People Big World in the wake of Felix’s passing. The show is still airing as scheduled and fans can continue to tune in to see what the Roloff family is up to.

Fans’ Reaction to Show Continuing

  • Some fans expressed surprise that the show was continuing despite the family’s loss.
  • Others felt that it was important for the family to continue sharing their story, even during difficult times.
  • A few fans called for a tribute episode or segment in honor of Felix’s memory.

The loss of Little People Big World is a significant one for its fans and the entertainment industry as a whole. It serves as a reminder that even beloved shows must eventually come to an end, but the impact they leave on their viewers can last a lifetime.


Why is Caryn quitting Little People, Big World?

According to an insider, she believes there are too many conflicts regarding the content of their on-air discussions as well as familial problems. She feels that she is often stuck in the middle trying to resolve issues. Despite the fact that this may increase ratings, she no longer wishes to be involved in it.

What happened with Zach and Caryn Little PEOPLE?

The birth of their son resulted in the complete separation of the family as Zach stated that he and Tori did not intend to permit Caryn to meet their new baby boy. This situation was featured on a November 8, 2022 episode of the show causing controversy.

What happened to Matt Roloff’s dog?

Rocky passed away peacefully outside on the grass around noon after his morning rounds. He was laying on his favorite patch of lawn, between the house and barn, where he often spent time in the middle of all the activity. Jeremy went to pet him and discovered that he had passed away in that same spot.

Why does Tori hate Caryn?

Caryn was accused of interfering with the story by Matt’s son Zach, aged 32, and his daughter-in-law Tori who held her responsible for influencing his decisions. In the latest season, Zach and Tori disclosed that they have no plans to introduce their newborn child Josiah to Caryn.

Where did Caryn Chandler get her money?

The TV star earns money from her appearances on a popular show, but it’s unclear how she manages to maintain her impressive net worth through other sources of income. Prior to quitting in 2018, Caryn worked at Roloff Farms for a decade and played a significant role in managing pumpkin season for that period of time.

Is Matt Roloff still seeing Caryn?

Roloff, a star of “Little People, Big World”, has announced his engagement to his girlfriend of a long time, Caryn Chandler. He shared the news and showed a picture of her beautiful ring in a joint Instagram post with TLC, the network that broadcasts his family’s reality show. Roloff is 61 years old.

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