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“The Night Eats the World” is a thrilling and suspenseful film that explores the terrifying consequences of a man waking up to find himself alone in a world overrun by zombies.

What is the premise of “The Night Eats the World”?


“The Night Eats the World” is a French horror film directed by Dominique Rocher. The movie was released in 2018 and is based on the novel “La Nuit a d‚vor‚ le monde” by Pit Agarmen. The story follows Sam, a man who wakes up to find himself alone in his ex-girlfriend’s apartment in Paris after attending a party. However, he soon realizes that the world outside has been overrun by zombies.


The premise of “The Night Eats the World” revolves around Sam’s struggle to survive in a post-apocalyptic world where zombies have taken over. The movie explores themes such as isolation, loneliness, and survival instincts. As Sam tries to find ways to stay alive, he also grapples with his own mental state and how he can maintain his sanity amidst the chaos.


The majority of the film takes place inside an apartment building located in Paris. The setting adds to the overall sense of isolation and claustrophobia that Sam experiences throughout the movie.


“The Night Eats the World” has a slow-burning pace that builds tension as it progresses. The tone is somber and introspective, focusing more on character development than action sequences.

Who is the main character in “The Night Eats the World”?

Main Character

Sam (played by Anders Danielsen Lie) is the main character in “The Night Eats the World.” He wakes up after passing out at his ex-girlfriend’s party to find himself alone in her apartment building. As he ventures out into the hallway, he discovers that everyone outside has turned into zombies. Sam is a musician, and he uses his skills to create music as a way to cope with the loneliness and isolation he experiences.

Character Development

Throughout the movie, Sam undergoes significant character development. He starts off as a passive observer of the apocalypse, but as time goes on, he becomes more proactive in his efforts to survive. He also struggles with his own mental state and grapples with feelings of hopelessness and despair.


Anders Danielsen Lie delivers a nuanced performance as Sam. He effectively portrays the character’s emotional journey, from confusion and fear to determination and resilience.

What happens to the world in “The Night Eats the World”?

Zombie Apocalypse

In “The Night Eats the World,” the world has been overrun by zombies. The cause of the outbreak is never fully explained, but it is clear that most of humanity has been wiped out. The remaining survivors are few and far between, making it difficult for Sam to find help or companionship.

Social Breakdown

As society breaks down in the wake of the zombie apocalypse, people become increasingly isolated and desperate. In one scene, Sam witnesses a man being attacked by a group of other survivors who have resorted to cannibalism.


The film uses muted colors and dim lighting to create an atmosphere of desolation and decay that reflects the state of the world after the apocalypse.

How does the main character survive in “The Night Eats the World”?


Sam survives in “The Night Eats The World” through resourcefulness. He uses his knowledge of music equipment to create makeshift weapons such as drumsticks sharpened into stakes or cymbals attached to a rope. He also scavenges for food and supplies in the abandoned apartments of the building.

Mental Fortitude

Sam’s mental fortitude is another factor that helps him survive. He copes with his loneliness by creating music, which also serves as a way to distract the zombies outside. He also keeps himself occupied by reading books and playing video games.


The film builds suspense through scenes where Sam must navigate through the zombie-infested apartment building silently, avoiding detection. These scenes create tension and keep the audience on edge as they wonder whether Sam will be able to avoid danger.

What is the ending of “The Night Eats the World”?


In the final scene of “The Night Eats The World,” Sam encounters another survivor who has managed to avoid being infected by the zombies. The two make eye contact, and it is implied that they may form a connection and work together to survive.


However, the ending is left somewhat ambiguous, with no clear indication of what happens next. The movie leaves it up to interpretation whether or not Sam and this new survivor will be able to overcome their isolation and find a way to rebuild society.


Director Dominique Rocher’s decision to end the movie in this way adds an additional layer of depth and complexity to “The Night Eats The World.” It forces viewers to consider what it means to truly survive in a world where everything they once knew has been destroyed.

In conclusion, “The Night Eats the World” is a captivating and suspenseful film that explores the dark side of isolation and survival in a post-apocalyptic world.


Where does the night eats the world take place?

Sam wakes up in an apartment where a party had been happening the night before, only to discover that he is now alone and the undead are roaming the streets of Paris. Overcome with terror, Sam must barricade himself inside the building and figure out how to survive.

What did the ending mean in the night eats the world?

In The Night Eats the World, the main character Sam comes to the realization that he needs to let go of someone named Sarah. However, it is revealed that Sarah was not real and Sam is actually experiencing a mental breakdown. Mother of Movies suggests that Sam ultimately chooses to move on from his delusion and leave it behind.

Did Sam shoot the cat in the night eats the world?

As time goes by, Sam becomes more isolated and mentally unstable. He becomes desperate for companionship and tries to capture a stray cat that he sees amongst the zombies. This endeavor almost leads to his death, but he manages to make it back to his apartment. In a fit of rage, Sam shoots the cat from his window.

Where is Night of the Living?

Night of the Living Dead is set in rural western Pennsylvania and was primarily filmed in the same area. The filming locations for the movie can be found in rural Washington County, Pennsylvania, and the cemetery and house used in the film were located just a few miles from each other, reflecting the movie’s setting.

Where does dark was the night take place?

The movie draws inspiration from the events that took place in Topsham, England in 1855, which have become known as The Devil’s Footprints. However, the film does not stick strictly to the factual account.

Where does survive the night take place?

Shot in Columbus, GA, this movie showcases local talents, like Riley Wolfe Rach (playing the role of Riley), Jef Holbrook (as the clerk), and Sara Lynn Holbrook (portraying the woman in the store).

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