Unveiling the Enchanting Secrets of Arrietty’s Miniature World: A Journey Through Studio Ghibli’s Masterpiece

“The Secret World of Arrietty” is a captivating tale that takes us into a hidden world, where tiny creatures live beneath the floorboards and borrow everyday items to survive. Follow the adventures of Arrietty, a young borrower who discovers the wonders and dangers of the human world beyond her own.

The Secret World of Arrietty: A Story of Borrowers and Humans


The Secret World of Arrietty is a 2010 Japanese animated film directed by Hiromasa Yonebayashi. It is based on the children’s book The Borrowers by Mary Norton, which tells the story of a family of tiny people who live in a human house and borrow items from their larger counterparts to survive. The film follows the life of Arrietty, a teenage borrower, as she navigates her way through her miniature world while trying to keep her family’s existence hidden from humans.

Main Characters

The main characters in the film are:

  • Arrietty – A teenage borrower who lives with her parents underneath a human house.
  • Shawn – A human boy who moves into the house and befriends Arrietty.
  • Pod – Arrietty’s father who teaches her how to borrow from humans without being seen.
  • Homily – Arrietty’s mother who worries about their safety and wants them to move away.

Surviving and Thriving: How Arrietty’s Family Lives in a Miniature World

Borrowing Techniques

In order to survive, borrowers like Arrietty’s family must learn how to borrow items from humans without being detected. They do this by using various techniques such as:

  • Taking only small amounts at a time so as not to be noticed
  • Borrowing items that humans won’t miss or that are easily replaced
  • Moving objects around so that it appears they were never touched

Miniature Home

Arrietty’s family lives in a miniature home underneath the human house. They have everything they need to survive, including a kitchen, bedroom, and living room. However, their small size means that they must be resourceful in order to make the most of their limited space.

  • They use buttons as plates and thimbles as cups
  • They sleep on cotton balls and use pins for furniture
  • They make their own clothes out of scraps of fabric

Challenges of Interacting with Humans: Arrietty’s Struggle to Maintain Her Family’s Secret

Fear of Discovery

The biggest challenge for borrowers like Arrietty is the fear of being discovered by humans. If they are seen, they risk being captured or killed. As a result, Arrietty’s family is very cautious when borrowing items from humans and tries to avoid them at all costs.

Misunderstandings with Humans

Another challenge for borrowers is the misunderstandings that can arise when interacting with humans. For example, when Shawn first sees Arrietty, he thinks she is a fairy and tries to catch her. This misunderstanding leads to tension between them until they are able to communicate properly.

A Forbidden Friendship: Arrietty Befriends a Human Boy Named Shawn

Their First Meeting

Arrietty first meets Shawn when he moves into the house where her family lives. At first, she is afraid of him because she has been taught that humans are dangerous. However, over time, she begins to realize that he is not like other humans and they develop a friendship.

Bridging the Gap

Arrietty and Shawn’s friendship is not without its challenges. They come from very different worlds and have trouble understanding each other at times. However, they are able to bridge the gap by learning about each other’s cultures and finding common ground.

Different Ways of Living in Harmony with Nature: Lessons from Other Borrowers

Other Borrowers

Throughout the film, Arrietty meets other borrowers who live in different parts of the world. Each group has their own unique way of living in harmony with nature:

  • The French borrowers live in a garden and use flowers as their primary source of food.
  • The Japanese borrowers live in a bamboo forest and use bamboo for everything from furniture to utensils.
  • The Spiller family lives on a riverbank and uses fish as their main source of food.

Lessons Learned

Through her interactions with these other borrowers, Arrietty learns that there are many different ways to live in harmony with nature. She also learns that it is important to respect and appreciate the natural world around us.

Exploring Themes of Friendship, Trust, and Acceptance Across Cultural Divides in “The Secret World of Arrietty”

Friendship Across Cultural Divides

The friendship between Arrietty and Shawn is an example of how people from different cultures can come together and form meaningful relationships. Despite their initial misunderstandings, they are able to find common ground and learn from each other.

Trust Across Cultural Divides

In order for Arrietty and Shawn to become friends, they must learn to trust each other. This is not always easy, especially when they come from such different worlds. However, through their actions and words, they are able to build a foundation of trust that allows their friendship to flourish.

Acceptance Across Cultural Divides

Finally, the film explores the theme of acceptance across cultural divides. Arrietty’s family is initially hesitant to accept Shawn because he is a human and they have been taught that humans are dangerous. However, over time, they learn that not all humans are alike and begin to accept him for who he is.

In conclusion, “The Secret World of Arrietty” is a captivating and imaginative film that takes viewers on a magical journey into the hidden lives of tiny creatures living amongst us. Its themes of friendship, courage, and the importance of preserving nature make it a must-watch for all ages.

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