When is the World Series? Your Ultimate Guide to Dates, Schedule, and Teams

The World Series, the annual championship series of Major League Baseball, is set to take place in late October.

When is the Upcoming World Series?

2021 World Series Dates Announced

The 2021 World Series will begin on October 26th and end no later than November 3rd. The series will follow a best-of-seven format, with the team that wins four games being crowned the champion. The first two games of the series will be held at the home ballpark of the American League champion, while the next three games will be played at the home ballpark of the National League champion. If necessary, Games 6 and 7 will alternate between ballparks.

COVID-19 Protocols

Due to ongoing concerns about COVID-19, MLB has implemented several safety protocols for this year’s World Series. Players, coaches, and staff members will be tested regularly throughout the series, and anyone who tests positive for COVID-19 will be immediately isolated from others. Additionally, fans attending games in person may be required to wear masks or show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test result.

  • Dates: October 26th – November 3rd
  • Best-of-seven format
  • Covid-19 protocols in place

Schedule for This Year’s World Series Yet to be Announced

As of September 2021, MLB has not yet released a full schedule for this year’s World Series. However, based on past years’ schedules and assuming no major changes are made to this year’s format or timing, we can make some educated guesses about when certain games might take place.

Possible Schedule Predictions

  • Game 1: Tuesday, October 26th
  • Game 2: Wednesday, October 27th
  • Game 3: Friday, October 29th
  • Game 4: Saturday, October 30th
  • Game 5: Sunday, October 31st (if necessary)
  • Game 6: Tuesday, November 2nd (if necessary)
  • Game 7: Wednesday, November 3rd (if necessary)

Note on Timing

Please note that these predictions are based solely on past years’ schedules and are subject to change. MLB may make adjustments to the schedule for any number of reasons, including weather delays or unforeseen circumstances related to COVID-19.

Last World Series: When was the First Game Played?

The last World Series was held in October of 2020 between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Tampa Bay Rays. The series followed a best-of-seven format and was played entirely at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas due to COVID-19 concerns.

Date of First Game

The first game of the series was played on Tuesday, October 20th, with the Dodgers emerging victorious by a score of 8-3. The series continued over the next six days, with the Dodgers ultimately winning their first championship since 1988 by defeating the Rays in Game 6.

The COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on last year’s World Series. In addition to being played entirely at one neutral site rather than alternating between ballparks as usual, the series also featured several new safety protocols designed to minimize the risk of spreading the virus. These included regular testing of players and staff members, mandatory mask-wearing in certain areas, and a limited number of fans in attendance.

How Many Games are Typically Played in a World Series?

A World Series typically consists of seven games played between the champions of the American League and National League. The first team to win four games is declared the champion.

History of Best-of-Seven Format

The best-of-seven format for the World Series was first introduced in 1905, replacing the previous best-of-nine format that had been used since 1887. The change was made to help shorten the length of the series and reduce travel costs for teams.

There have been a few exceptions to the best-of-seven format over the years. During World War II, for example, travel restrictions led MLB to temporarily switch to a best-of-five format for several years. In addition, there have been instances where weather or other unforeseen circumstances have forced games to be postponed or cancelled, resulting in fewer than seven games being played.

2020 World Series: Who Won and When was it Held?

The 2020 World Series was held from October 20th – October 27th at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas due to COVID-19 concerns. The series featured the Los Angeles Dodgers and Tampa Bay Rays competing for the championship.

Dodgers Win First Championship Since 1988

The Dodgers emerged victorious by winning four out of six games against the Rays. This marked their first championship win since 1988 and their seventh overall as a franchise.

The win was particularly significant for the Dodgers franchise, which had come close to winning the championship several times in recent years but had fallen short each time. The team’s victory was celebrated by fans across Los Angeles and marked a major milestone for one of baseball’s most storied franchises.

Significant Changes to Format or Timing of This Year’s World Series?

As of September 2021, MLB has not announced any significant changes to the format or timing of this year’s World Series. However, given the ongoing impact of COVID-19 on sports events around the world, it is possible that some changes may be necessary in order to ensure the safety of players, staff members, and fans.

Possible Changes

Some possible changes that could be made include altering the number of games played in the series, changing the location of certain games, or implementing additional safety protocols such as mandatory mask-wearing or vaccination requirements for attendees.

Please note that these are purely speculative at this point and that MLB has not yet confirmed any changes to this year’s World Series. Fans should continue to monitor news updates from MLB and other sources leading up to the start of the series in late October.

The World Series schedule varies each year, and the specific dates can be found through various sources such as official MLB websites or news outlets.

The 2021 World Series will take place from October 26th to November 3rd and follow a best-of-seven format. COVID-19 protocols will be in place, including regular testing for players and staff and the possibility of mask-wearing or proof of vaccination/negative test results for fans attending games. The full schedule has not yet been released, but predictions suggest that Game 1 will take place on October 26th and Game 7 (if necessary) on November 3rd.

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