Mark Your Calendars: Discover the Exact Dates for World Cup 2022!

The eagerly awaited World Cup 2022 is just around the corner and football enthusiasts worldwide are gearing up for the event. But when exactly is it? Read on to find out the dates for this highly anticipated tournament.

World Cup 2022: What You Need to Know


The FIFA World Cup is the biggest event in football, held every four years since the inaugural tournament in 1930. The next edition of the World Cup will be held in Qatar in 2022, marking the first time that the tournament will be held in the Middle East. This will also be the last World Cup with 32 teams, as FIFA has announced that it will expand to 48 teams for the 2026 edition.


The format of the tournament remains largely unchanged from previous editions. The competition will feature 32 teams divided into eight groups of four, with each team playing three matches against their group opponents. The top two teams from each group will then advance to a knockout stage consisting of single-elimination matches until a winner is crowned.


The decision to award Qatar hosting rights for the World Cup has been marred by controversy, with concerns raised over issues such as human rights violations and extreme temperatures during summer months. FIFA has responded by moving the tournament to November and December, which is outside of the traditional European football season.

List of Controversies:

  • Human Rights Violations
  • Treatment of Migrant Workers
  • Safety Concerns due to Extreme Temperatures
  • Criticism over Selection Process
  • Potential Disruption to Domestic Football Schedules


Despite these controversies, fans around the world are eagerly anticipating what promises to be a memorable event. With some of the world’s best players set to take part and new stadiums being built specifically for this tournament, the World Cup 2022 in Qatar is sure to be an exciting and unforgettable experience for football fans everywhere.

World Cup 2022: Dates Announced

When Will the World Cup Take Place?

The World Cup 2022 will take place from November 21 to December 18, marking the first time that the tournament has been held outside of its traditional summer schedule. This decision was made by FIFA in response to concerns over extreme temperatures in Qatar during the summer months.

How Long Will the Tournament Last?

The tournament will last for a total of 28 days, with a total of 64 matches being played across eight venues in five host cities.

List of Host Cities:

  • Doha
  • Lusail
  • Al-Wakrah
  • Al-Khor
  • Ras Abu Aboud

What Happens After the Group Stage?

Following the group stage, the knockout rounds will begin on December 16 with the Round of 16, followed by quarterfinals on December 20 and 21, semifinals on December 23 and 24, and the final on December 18.

List of Key Dates:

  • Group Stage: November 21 – December 1
  • Round of 16: December 16 – December
  • Quarterfinals: December 20 – December
  • Semifinals: December 23 – December
  • Final: December


With dates now confirmed, football fans around the world can begin planning their trips to Qatar for what promises to be an unforgettable tournament.

World Cup 2022: Location Confirmed

Where Will the World Cup Take Place?

The World Cup 2022 will take place in Qatar, marking the first time that the tournament has been held in the Middle East. The decision to award hosting rights to Qatar was made by FIFA in 2010, beating out bids from Australia, Japan, South Korea and the United States.

Why Was Qatar Chosen?

Qatar’s bid was based on a number of factors including its strategic location as a gateway between Europe and Asia, its modern infrastructure and state-of-the-art facilities, and its commitment to promoting football in the region. Additionally, Qatar’s proposal promised to create a legacy of sustainable development through investments in education and social programs.

List of Key Reasons:

  • Strategic Location
  • Modern Infrastructure
  • Promotion of Football in Region
  • Sustainable Development Legacy

What Are Some Challenges Faced by Qatar?

Despite winning hosting rights for the World Cup 2022, Qatar has faced a number of challenges in preparing for the tournament. One major issue is related to human rights concerns surrounding migrant workers who have been involved with construction projects related to the event. There have also been concerns raised about extreme temperatures during summer months which led FIFA to move the tournament dates from June-July to November-December.

List of Challenges:

  • Human Rights Concerns over Migrant Workers
  • Safety Concerns due to Extreme Temperatures during Summer Months
  • Logistical Challenges in Building New Stadiums and Infrastructure
  • Criticism over Selection Process


Despite these challenges, Qatar remains committed to hosting a successful World Cup 2022 and has made significant investments in building new stadiums and infrastructure to support the event.

World Cup 2022: When Can You Buy Tickets?

When Will Tickets be Available?

FIFA has not yet announced when tickets for the World Cup 2022 will go on sale. Typically, tickets are made available several months before the tournament begins, with fans able to purchase them through FIFA’s official website or authorized resellers.

How Much Will Tickets Cost?

Pricing information for World Cup 2022 tickets has not yet been released. However, past tournaments have seen a range of prices depending on the stage of the competition and location of seats within stadiums.

List of Typical Ticket Prices:

  • Group Stage: $105 – $210 per match
  • Round of 16: $165 – $330 per match
  • Quarterfinals: $215 – $435 per match
  • Semifinals: $365 – $750 per match
  • Final: $455 – $1,100 per match

How Can You Ensure Access to Tickets?

Given the high demand for World Cup tickets, it is important to plan ahead and be prepared when they become available. This may involve signing up for alerts from FIFA or authorized resellers, researching travel options well in advance, and being flexible with dates and locations if possible.

List of Tips for Securing Tickets:

  • Sign up for Alerts from FIFA or Authorized Resellers
  • Research Travel Options Well in Advance
  • Be Flexible with Dates and Locations if Possible
  • Consider Purchasing Tickets as Part of a Tour Package
  • Be Prepared to Act Quickly When Tickets Become Available


While the exact details surrounding World Cup 2022 ticket sales have yet to be announced, fans can take steps now to ensure they are prepared when tickets become available. By planning ahead and being flexible, football enthusiasts around the world can experience the excitement and drama of the World Cup live in Qatar.

World Cup 2022: Notable Changes to Tournament Schedule

Why Has the Schedule Changed?

The schedule for the World Cup 2022 has been changed due to concerns over extreme temperatures during summer months in Qatar. As a result, FIFA has moved the tournament dates from June-July to November-December, which is outside of the traditional European football season.

How Will This Affect Domestic Football Schedules?

The scheduling change for World Cup 2022 will have significant impacts on domestic football schedules around the world. Leagues such as the English Premier League and Spain’s La Liga will need to adjust their schedules accordingly, potentially disrupting their regular season fixtures.

List of Impacts:

  • Potential Disruption to Domestic Football Schedules
  • Increase in Mid-Season Player Fatigue due to More Frequent Matches
  • Increase in Player Injuries due to More Intense Schedule
  • Potential Loss of Revenue for Domestic Leagues due to Competition with World Cup

What Are Some Notable Changes to the Tournament Schedule?

In addition to the change in tournament dates, there are several other notable changes to the World Cup 2022 schedule. These include a reduction in the number of rest days between matches, a shorter group stage, and an increase in the number of knockout round matches.

List of Notable Changes:

  • Reduction in Number of Rest Days between Matches
  • Shorter Group Stage
  • Increase in Number of Knockout Round Matches
  • Potential for More Frequent Penalty Shootouts due to Shorter Match Durations


The changes to the World Cup 2022 schedule are significant and will have impacts on football leagues and players around the world. However, FIFA has made these adjustments with player safety and fan experience in mind, ensuring that the tournament remains a showcase for the best football talent from around the globe.

In conclusion, the World Cup 2022 is scheduled to take place in Qatar from November 21 to December 18, marking the first time in history that the tournament will be held during winter months.


Where will the World Cup 2022 start?

Experience again the most memorable moments of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

Is the World Cup being played in 2022?

The 2022 World Cup held in Qatar had some memorable moments, including Lionel Messi from Argentina celebrating after scoring the third goal during the final match against France on December 18, 2022 in Lusail City. This event took place on December 19, 2022.

When the World Cup of 2022 and 2023 start?

The 2022 FIFA Club World Cup tournament will take place in Morocco from February 1st to February 11th, with seven teams competing for the championship title. The event will be broadcast live, and the tournament is scheduled to take place at the beginning of 2023.

Why is World Cup 2022 in November?

The World Cup, which normally takes place during the summer months of June and July, has been scheduled for November and December this year. This decision was made to avoid the extreme heat that often exceeds 40øC during those months.

Why is World Cup in December?

The World Cup, which is usually held in June and July, has been rescheduled for November and December this year. The reason for this change is to prevent the extreme heat in Qatar during the summer months, where temperatures can reach over 40øC. In November, the average temperature is around 24øC, and in December, it’s around 21øC.

Why did Qatar want the World Cup?

For citizens of Qatar, the World Cup presented an opportunity to showcase their culture to the rest of the world. They aimed to provide a well-organized tournament and display their unique architecture and hospitality. This was a chance to spread their cultural influence internationally.

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